Love Relentlessly

Everyone is awesome.

Yet the most dramatic, destructive issues of our world—from drug addiction to human trafficking, ethnic rivalries to corporate corruption—are rooted in individual human hearts. Most everyone is scared and lonely, and too often we choose destruction instead of love.

But how do we change from hurt to love? We have seen that by learning from Jesus and following the pattern of his life, we can move from hurting to healing—both of ourselves and others.

Love like this often begins with discomfort. It takes time, and has its messes. We feel unqualified and incapable. And indeed, we make mistakes. But with persistence, creativity, patience, and sacrifice, love turns to joy

Anyone who wants to can live like Jesus. By cultivating a life centered on love, you can find healing and support others’  healing; you grow and can help others grow.

With love, you can be part of the renewal of all things. 

You can get started by remembering that you are awesome, too.

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