Hard to Love

On loving someone when you’re not “feeling it.” Some  people are hard to love for whatever reason. Maybe they are immature, or selfish, or mean. Maybe they remind us of someone else we struggle to like—maybe they remind us of ourselves. I run into this a lot in my line of work. Because it is…

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meeting for coffee

Love at First Sight

On loving someone the first time we meet: Most times when we meet people we don’t feel safe because we are in unknown territory—we just don’t know that person yet. Instead of loving them we fear them, consciously or unconsciously. We might respond in all sorts of ways. We might be super friendly, or shy,…

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Your Brain on Trauma

A few months ago, a pickup truck turned in front of a motor scooter just 50 feet ahead of me on my own bike. The rider braked but slammed into the truck at maybe 5 to 10 miles an hour. He appeared a bit dazed but stayed on his feet, bystanders quickly coming to help. Afterwards…

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