Servantworks Thailand

To help Thai people know the healing and freedom that comes from choosing love as a way of life.

Community Connect

Community Connect will be a seven-day-a-week community cafe and studio space in our local neighborhood to help people build healthy relationships in a safe place.

We’ve seen first-hand that a wholehearted life doesn’t come from spending a few hours in a church on Sunday, but through daily conversations and time spent together.

The Well’s primary building sits on a busy street, On Nut, on the east side of Bangkok (see it on Google Streetview). Hundreds of people walk by our front doors every day. In 2017, we began renovating our ground floor to create Connect Center: a space including a cafe and studios for hosting everything from a dance class, to a game night, to a Bible study. Around the corner at our second building, we began landscaping to create Connect Garden, a peaceful gathering space.

We hope both Connect sites will become a neighborhood hub, especially for working-class folks with fewer opportunities to build real friendships with loving, healthy people.

Supporting a safer community.

The Well

Our mission at The Well is to help transform Thailand through reaching sex industry workers and others at risk, training them as leaders, and sending them to reach others.

Our Vision

The Well is named for the encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan woman in John 4 that resulted in her introducing him to her village. The Well reaches out to women in in red-light districts or other places of brokenness, and offers opportunity not only for healing and restoration, but for training as change agents following the model of Jesus.

Our ultimate vision is to go beyond reaching individual women and into equipping Thai people to address the problem.

Our Approach

The factors underlying and surrounding the huge Thai sex industry are many and complex. The Well brings a holistic, multi-pronged approach to this immense need. Our efforts include:

  • trauma and addiction recovery
  • broad-based education
  • community connections
  • parenting classes and family support
  • vocational counseling and job creation

The Well team includes Thai staff who have experienced trauma and abuse, have healed, and have grown into loving servant-leaders. These folks dedicate themselves every day to helping others to do the same.

Helping women become healers.

Media Outreach Initiative

The Media Outreach Initiative will produce short pieces of inspirational and educational media content, mostly based around video. These pieces will be made available free one online platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and others.

Inspirational content will include stories of hope; people who have overcome obstacles, but especially those who have found completely new life. Educational content will cover practical topics about daily life issues, such as choosing a boyfriend or making a monthly budget, but will also address deeper questions of values and morality.   

Sharing healthy voices.