Trafficking isn’t the half of it.

The engine driving Thailand’s huge sex industry is a pandemic of broken families rearing damaged people in unending cycles.

The stories we hear all too often include intense family pressure, violent abuse, economic hardship and debt, and drug addictions. Contrary to the story of the young girl lured away by a trafficker, many young women slide into prostitution very gradually, usually to support family economically.

Click here to download a detailed mind-map of the related causes that fuel Thailand’s sex industry.

Holistic Thinking

To get to the bottom of an entrenched system, and love the wonderful people stuck in it, we need a deep, holistic approach.

Individuals & Families

Societies change when people do, and people change when they are loved, safe, and open to learning and growing.


Environments matter. Safe schools, secure jobs, and healthy friendships all contribute to healing the social systems that hurt people.

Online Media

Online spaces affect our lives more than ever. They provide avenues for harm, but also for connection and growth.

Join us to create safe spaces and loving relationships among vulnerable women and families.