We have invested some wonderful Thai folks who have grown as leaders at The Well. These leaders are now ready to speak to a larger audience, sharing their own stories, expertise and passion for others. 

We create media for two target audiences:

At-Risk Groups

We find women who join The Well eager to learn, and glad to start having positive direction in their lives. We know that by sharing video and other media, we can engage a large audience of people who will welcome positive, healthy voices of truth and encouragement.

Wide-ranging topics include:

  • Self-help & Psychology: You don’t have to live with depression.
  • Morals & Values: Kind words
  • Romance & Sex: Why do girls like bad guys?
  • Family: The importance of child safety
  • Youth Issues: The power of staying in school
General Public

Thai people strongly value kindness and generosity. At the same time, there a lack of general awareness concerning common social problems. We would like to help them turn these values into action.

Content for this audience includes:

  • Jesus & Gospel: God’s heart for people in need
  • Educational opportunity: Leaving children behind hurts us all
  • Sex industry: Do we really need it? Is this what we want Thailand to be known for?
  • How to help: People with addictions, mental illness, domestic violence etc.
  • Inspiring stories: Hope and overcoming adversity