Servant Circles

We’ve identified four groups of people who can benefit immensely from support.

Teenage Girls

Moms & Children

Women with Chronic Needs

Growing Leaders

These people can all benefit from direct, tangible aid. We created Servantworks Circles because we believe that human connection matters, too. The healing model Jesus demonstrated wasn’t simply “give to the poor and hurting” but an invitation to be in community with all kinds of people, sharing as we are able.

Servant Circles will enable you to learn, give, and connect in meaningful ways with these groups of awesome humans.




Three Steps to Join

1. Agree to the Servant Circle commitment.

Please read the commitment below. If you have any questions, please drop us a line.

Servant Circle Commitment

In order to keep our circles safe and thriving, please join us in promising the following:

HONOR – We will honor one another as inherently valuable and able to contribute meaningfully to the community, regardless of nationality, socioeconomic background, gender, or any other differentiator.

KINDNESS – We acknowledge that community can be messy, especially cross-cultural communities, and so we choose to approach any conflict, critique, or misunderstanding with openness, humility, and kindness. We will assign good intentions to each other.

WISDOM – We recognize that when we are in relationships with people who have experienced trauma, healthy boundaries are necessary for safety and healing. We will not seek direct private contact with others in our circle without checking in with the leadership for insight and education. We will not manage uncomfortable situations alone; if someone seeks private communication with us and the situation seems “off” or feels weird, we will reach out to the Servantworks team for support and guidance.

CONFIDENTIALITY – Everything shared in a Connect Circle should be considered confidential, and should not be shared with others (for example, your church’s prayer group) without express permission.

PARTICIPATION – As our goal is to create a community in which we can all walk together, we do our best to join in and engage from the heart with uncommon interest and compassion. We express appreciation and encouragement and provide consistent support and prayer.

EXIT – We understand that participation in a circle might need to end for a variety of reasons. We commit to being frank and kind about our decision to leave.

2. Pledge a monthly donation.

We ask all Servant Circle members to commit to a monthly donation of any amount. You can set up a recurring online donation right here.

3. Sign up to join one of our four circles.